Ever worked with Google Sheets using the basic and built-in formulas and functions and had the feeling that there was so much more to it?

Enviously, you've seen colleagues or classmates do these special tricks with their spreadsheets. You wondered, "How'd they do that?", but you were afraid to ask, because you didn't want to look stupid.

Welcome to TeXXic Miniversity!

These spreadsheet courses will guide you through some of the more advanced techniques that will make you say, "I had no idea Google Sheets could do that!"

FINALLY, you'll get a few of those practical, useful spreadsheet tricks under your belt, so you don't have to wish you knew more about how to manipulate and analyze your data in Google Sheets.

Courses by Dianne Dixon

Founder and lead instructor of TeXXic Miniversity, who has a thing for data and spreadsheets!